Tea is the best food

It is made of natural ingredients. It is without calories and cheap. Furthermore, it is pleasant in taste and fragrant. With it you can relish the moment. Tea is always good company.

Drinking tea is much more than just pleasure. The facts tell us that it will improve our health, goodwill and the magical sensation of the beauty of life. As a result it comes as no surprise that it has the reputation of being the best food in the world.

Drinking tea is better than drinking water

With water we primarily replace the loss of liquid in the body whereas the tea does not only satisfy the need for liquid. It also includes antioxidants and thus according to the opinion of many nutritionists brings two benefits. In the recent research conducted under the auspices of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition the nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton, BSc, PhD with her team of co-workers from King’s College in London has proven that four cups of tea a day bring great health benefits to our bodies. Drinking three cups of tea already reduces the risk of a heart attack by 11%. Otherwise, drinking tea helps strengthen the immune system, reduces the risk of tooth decay, strengthens bones, helps prevent the creation of bad (LDL) and stimulates the creation of good (HDL) cholesterol improving the functioning of arteries and preventing the development of cancer and osteoporosis. Furthermore, it helps in protecting the skin against the sun, has antiviral effects and prevents the development of cataracts. The essential oils that are contained in the tea tree are beneficial for digestion. Green tea is also helpful in losing weight.

Some are worried that caffeine in tea can cause dehydration although Dr. Ruxton ensures that this is not the case. The caffeine has in fact many positive effects such as alleviating headaches. It influences good will and improves concentration. Good old wisdom also classifies it as a cure for symptoms of asthma.

For a young mind and valour

The research shows that green tea slows brain ageing. In Asia where green tea is most popular, it has for a long time been known as a beneficial health tonic. For instance, Japan has a lower percentage of Alzheimer patients as well as less people suffering from other types of dementia than in Western countries which is due to their drinking of green tea. The Japanese people who drink one or more cups of green tea a day have shown to have half the problems with the loss of memory and mental abilities than those who drank less tea.

Lower risk for the development of cancer

Drinking tea reduces the risk for development of stomach, prostate, breast, pancreatic, colorectal, rectal, oesophageal, bladder and lung cancer while it also inhibits development and growth of tumours. Are you asking yourselves how this is possible? With the high EGCG content that is the most abundant catechin in tea and is a potent antioxidant that may have therapeutic applications in the treatment of many disorders. Although EGCG can be found in all types of tea, green tea has the highest amount. EGCG may also influence the prevention of heart disease, bacterial infections and spreading of the HIV virus. And that is a big enough reason to drink at least three or four cups a day.

For a healthy oral cavity

Drinking tea is not beneficial because of its taste and flavour. Its effects are also important for the health of the oral cavity. Research shows that drinking tea helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Some even believe that it can help in destroying bacteria and viruses that cause throat inflammation. Moreover it prevents the development of dental caries and other types of dental disease. And not only that, some teas contain fluoride that protects the enamel making your smile brighter.

Some additional positive effects

A list of positive effects for our health certainly places tea among the noble medicinal magical drinks. We can add some additional medicinal properties of tea: it prevents the risk of development of kidney stones, some flavonoids in tea function as phytoestrogens that are beneficial for the health of bones while other tea extracts inhibit bone resorption. Tea also has hypoallergenic properties, therefore its use is successful in the treatment of atopic dermatitis or skin inflammation which can already be observed following one or two weeks of drinking tea.

Elixir of life

Having observed all the beneficial effects that are elicited to drinking tea, we could say that it truly is the elixir of life they have been looking for so long. Of course, tea cannot substitute healthy eating habits and physical exercise. However, a cup of tea a day can help maintain a healthy spirit and cleanse the body of the consequences of the stressful and fast rhythm of living. It is beneficial for the soul, soothing the taste buds and is magical for our senses … indeed, tea deserves the title of the best food in the world.

Anti-ageing effects of the tea

The most recent research has confirmed that regular drinking of tea inhibits ageing and prevents some chronic diseases. Besides this, the antioxidants that can be found in tea protect the cells against harmful free radicals.

Did you know?

  • White tea is perhaps the most delicate among the teas but it remains the strongest. One cup of white tea contains more antioxidants than the serving portion of broccoli or ten glasses of apple juice.
  • Indeed, white and green tea have a higher antioxidant content, however, they are not so different from black tea. Drinking one cup of black tea has been proven to have similarly beneficial medicinal effects.
  • Oolong tea shows better results than green tea by observing its influence on weight loss. Numerous research conducted shows that oolong tea has the ability to melt fats while at the same time maintain healthy skin by destroying free radicals in the body.