Secrets of the forest

Experience the Secrets of the forest tea with its intoxicating taste of wild berries and listen to the tales hidden in the darkest corners of the forest.

Did you know?

  • You can also prepare this tea using cold water, making it a great choice for cooling down on hot summer days.
  • In times of shortage, blackberry and raspberry leaves were used as a tea substitute because when fermented their leaves give the flavour of real tea.
  • In olden times, blackberries were used as protecting charms for warding off evil spirits - people placed them into the crevices of entrances to their houses.
  • Etymologically the Slovenian word for currants, ribez, originates from the Arabic word ribas. The word signifies a type of rhubarb that grows in that region and tastes the same as currants.


Taking into account the correct preparation you can prepare greater quantities of the drink and drink it throughout the day. You can add sugar or honey to the tea to alleviate its sour flavour.