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Preparation of tea – fresh water and a proper vessel

If you want to get to know the true distinctive features of tea, you must know how to prepare it correctly. Selecting a proper vessel, cooking water at the appropriate temperature and making sure of the right quality of water as well as soaking the tea mixture greatly affect the quality of the drink.

We divide teas into three basic groups – black, green and oolong (red) teas.

Each of these groups requires special preparation. However, we recommend that every time you prepare your cup according to your wishes and mood; use the same quantity of water and pour it over greater or smaller quantities of tea, draining it sooner on one occasion and later on another.

With such testing you will surely prepare a beverage according to your taste each time. Nevertheless you should observe some basic rules when preparing tea:

  • Always use fresh water when preparing tea. Soft water is a better choice because it contains less limestone and salt giving a better flavour for the tea.
  • Bring the water to a boil in a glass or metal pot which however must not be made of aluminium.
  • When it boils just pour it over the tea leaves in another pre-heated pot.
  • After some time drain the tea in a teapot which you can also use to serve it. Never clean the pots or kettles for tea and which you use for serving tea using detergents. Rinsing with hot water will do. If possible, do not use the same pots you use for other teas when preparing flavoured teas.

Throughout the history of drinking tea there different rules have been established for the preparation of good tea. In China and Japan, a true ritual of drinking tea developed which is a unique kind of art. In Europe, however, we do not appreciate enough the culture of drinking tea, therefore we only accepted some basic rules for its preparation:

  • Heat the teapot;
  • regarding dosage, a rule of the thumb applies that you add a teaspoon of tea for each cup and one additional teaspoon for the “teapot”. Of course, it depends on the quantity of the tea mixture and how strong and aromatic the beverage will be. Therefore, you should never stint;
  • pour the boiling water, cooled to 80° or 90°C over the tea mixture;
  • let the tea mixture sit for 2 to 5 minutes; two to three minutes is sufficient for the extraction of the majority of caffeine from the tea. Such a beverage has an invigorating effect. If the poured tea is let sitting for longer, more tannins are extracted from the tea, whereby the tea has a calming effect. More than 5 minutes of soaking is too much for tea since the beverage can turn astringent;
  • Serve the tea immediately after having drained it.

Drinking green tea with added milk or sugar is not recommended.