Enjoy mint tea when you need total refreshment. Because of its menthol content, the tea has a cooling effect and works as a disinfectant in the mouth and upper respiratory tract. Peppermint is a popular plant due to its attractive smell. In countries with a warm climate they even drink mint tea during the hottest days. 

Did you know?

  • The tale from Greek mythology talks about the naiad Minthe, who was pursued by Pluto, and his jealous wife punished her by turning her into a plant. From that moment on Minthe was literally humiliated to the ground, to be trampled by human feet, but despite this, her scent remained intoxicating.
  • Fresh peppermint leaves are used in the famous Cuban mojito cocktail (white rum, cane sugar, lime juice, mint leaves and club soda), which was the favourite drink of Hemingway, the famous writer.


Please follow the recommended preparation time, steeping for too long could result in an unpleasant taste - astringent and bitter. Always prepare fresh tea - it will taste its best without additives, especially without sugar.