Mountain tea

Enjoy the original Slovenian herbal mixture we have been preparing for you for the past 40 years and take a trip into the mountains where you will be greeted by flowering linden trees, rosehip, blackberries and fresh air. The mountain tea will make you warm in winter and refresh you in the summer. It is excellent without any additives, but honey and lemon pleasantly complement its taste. 

Did you know?

  • Because of its naturally sourish fruity flavour, rosehip is almost a mandatory component of fruit and herbal tea blends.
  • The Najevska lipa linden tree, growing in the Koroška region boasts a 12.5 m circumference and is presumed to be 770 years old.


Please follow the recommended preparation time, steeping for too long could result in an unpleasant taste - astringent and bitter.