The dried linden flowers with their intoxicating smell reminiscent of honey are a basis for this tea, which is especially enjoyable on cold winter days. A teaspoon of honey will pleasantly complement its taste. According to folk tradition, the hot linden flower infusion induces perspiration and therefore the drinking of linden tea is especially recommended during the flu and cold season.

Did you know?

  • There are two species of the linden tree genus growing in Slovenia: the large-leaved linden and the little-leaf linden.
  • The large-leaved linden trees blossom in the second half of June and the little-leaf linden trees blossom in the first half of July.
  • Several linden trees in Slovenia are protected as natural monuments.


Please follow the recommended preparation time, steeping for too long could result in an unpleasant taste - astringent and bitter. Always prepare fresh tea - it will taste its best without additives, especially without sugar.