Jumpy strawberry

The fruit tea blend, Jumpy Strawberry, was made especially to suit children’s taste, and they can also enjoy it without adding sugar. The pleasant smell of wild strawberries was favoured by the children who helped us choose the new flavour. Offer your children warm or cold refreshment with an exciting fruit flavour at any time of day.

Did you know?

  • Nowadays children drink too many unhealthy sweet drinks and many are also reluctant to drink water because it is tasteless. Here is a special, less acidic tea for children with a strawberry flavour, which can be an alternative to sugary drinks. Children can enjoy it without any sugar because it is less acidic than regular fruit teas, while its taste is just as intense.
  • The Jumpy strawberry flavours were selected by children from Slovenian kindergartens and schools. They also selected the endearing characters on the packaging.