Interesting facts

How is the tea cultivated?

From picking fresh leaves to packaging them in silk bags or colourful boxes … immerse yourself into the secret world of tea cultivation.

  1. Wilting: freshly picked tea tree leaves are strewn on tables or trays and are then left to dry. After the moisture evaporates, the leaves become soft and tender and are ready for rolling.
  2. Rolling: using this process they crush the cells in leaves. They release their juices and enzymes that start to oxidise when exposed to air.
  3. Oxidation/Fermentation: the fermentation process already starts during the rolling phase. The rolled leaves are strewn on an area at a specific temperature and moisture level that is controlled continuously. By this the colour of leaves becomes darker going from green to red-brown and finally to black.
  4. Aging/Curing: the leaves are dried so that they are exposed to slow heat treatment in the drying facility. This stops the process of oxidation and the leaves are finally prepared for packaging.