BIO Baby tea

We know that you want only the best for your child, so we’re offering you the most popular tea for babies and small children – the 1001 Cvet Baby Tea – in the BIO quality.

The BIO Baby Tea for children over 4 months of age is made of herbs of carefully verified and certified BIO quality. This means that even more than before it meets the stringent requirements of baby food legislation, Also excluded is the risk of contamination by pesticides, heavy metals, alkaloids, mycotoxins etc. 

The BIO Baby Tea is now among the safest choices for your toddler, and it still retains its excellent and recognisable flavour of a mixture of herbs that are due to their characteristics the traditional ingredients of baby teas.

Did you know?

  • Anise and caraway were mandatory ingredients in Mustacae, a spiced cake the Ancient Romans used to serve at the end of their rich feasts in the times of Virgil.



Always prepare the tea with freshly boiled water. The long-term drinking of sweetened tea from a baby bottle can affect the development of tooth decay (caries). Therefore always hold the bottle yourself and make sure the child drinks the tea for the shortest possible time. Encourage the child to start drinking from a cup as soon as possible. The prepared tea has a naturally sweet flavour and therefore adding sugar is not required.