Anise mix

The main ingredients of the Anise tea mix – caraway, fennel, anise and peppermint – are well known herbs of traditional folk medicine and should not be missing from any home assortment of herbs. Take care of your well-being and prepare a beverage made from a mixture of herbs traditionally used to ease digestive problems. 

Did you know?

  • Liqueurs and spirits are produced from anise in many countries - pastis in France, ouzo in Greece, mastika in Bulgaria and sambuca in Italy.
  • Caraway is often added to dishes as a spice (for instance to cabbage).
  • Charlemagne was so impressed by the mightiness of the fennel that he insisted it should be grown on all his properties.


Please follow the recommended preparation time, steeping for too long could result in an unpleasant taste - astringent and bitter. Always prepare fresh tea - it will taste its best without additives, especially without sugar.